GuizhouKailin Holdings(Group) Co.,Ltd is a large state-owned enterprise which isengaged in phosphorus rock mining and phosphorus coal chemical production.Formerly known as Guizhou Kaiyang Phosphorous Mine Bureau, it was establishedas one of the three largest rock phosphorous Mining bases in 1958 during the Second Five-Year Planand is among the “ThreeAuspicious Yang”.

       Located inthe state-planned mine areas, Kailin is blessed with rich natural resourcesof  rock phosphate. The known  reserve of rock phosphate is 1.1 billiontons. Phosphorus resource in Kailin is characterized by large reserve, highquality, low harmful impurities and low cadmium content with its averagecontent of P2O5 over 33.67% and it is the only pre-qualifiedphosphorus resource in China which can be directly used as the raw materialof  high-concentration phosphate compoundfertilizer.

       Throughover 50 years of great efforts, Guizhou Kailin Group Co.,Ltd has developed intoa large modernized enterprise group specialized in mining, phosphorus-coalchlor-alkali chemicalindustryfluorinechemicalSiliconchemicaltrade& logistics, construction & building materials, property services andso on, now it has reached an annual production capacity of 10 million tonsof  rock phosphate, 5.5million tons ofhigh- concentration phosphate compound fertilizers, 0.6 million tons ofsynthesis ammonia, 0.3 million tons of caustic soda, 0.15 million tons of PVC, 0.02million tons of  yellow phosphorus, 0.02million tons of anhydrous hydrogen fluoride, 0.075 million tons of sodium flusilicate, 0.11 million tons of pentaerythritol, 150 tons of  iodine, 1 billion pieces of new-type phosphogypsumbricks andthe production capacity of matching new-type building material. It has been thelargest rock phosphate underground mining enterprise and the largestpentaerythrite producer and top 2 and 4 high-concentration phosphate compoundfertilizers producer in China and abroad respectively. Kailin group has beenlisted in the top 100 enterprise in chemical industry of China for consecutively11 years. The main products are sold throughout 29 provinces, cities andautonomous regions of China, and are also exported to totally 17 foreigncountries and regions such as Asia, America, Middle East, Australia etc. In2015, this group’s sales revenue reached RMB 36.5 billion Yuan (includinginternational sales revenue: $2 billion), the industrial added value was RMB3.61 billion Yuan, the total assets was RMB 45 billion Yuan .

       Kailin Group Co.,Ltd is now on its way to building alarge modernized enterprise group with its annual sales revenue over RMB 100billion Yuan. Based on the enterprise tenet“benefitthe world, benefit the employees” , through continuous transion andupgrading, Kailin group follows the concept of “ innovation, coordination,green, development, openness, sharing” to realize scientific development, greendevelopment, harmonious development, and then create more benefits for partnersand society continuously.

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