Kailin group's predecessor ", China in Kaiyang Phosphate Mine" is one of the country's three largest during the construction of phosphate rock production base in the second five year plan, started construction in 1958.

       Kaiyang Phosphate mining area is a national planning mining area, mining area is located in Kaiyang County of Guizhou Province in the town, 15 kilometers long from north to south, east-          west width of 5 kilometers, an area of about 85 square kilometers. Kailin phosphate resources in the mining area of large reserves, high grade, less harmful impurities, cadmium content is low, the average content of 33.67% P2O5, the content of more than 32% of the rich phosphate rock reserves of the country's total reserves of 78%, is currently the only without the important base material can directly produce high concentrations of phosphate and compound fertilizer, high-quality raw materials the ideal wet fertilizer raw materials and production of pollution-free green phosphorus chemical products.

       Kailin mining after half a century of development, greatly enhance the production capacity, have 5 million / year production capacity, develop into underground mining chemical ore mine production scale China largest, has laid a solid foundation for the sustainable development of Kailin, has made outstanding contributions to the development of phosphorus chemical industry Chinese.

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